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Enter a phone number to find the city,state, and country of a phone number.


Questions & Answers

A phone geo lookup is a service that identifies the geographic location, including the state and city, associated with a specific phone number.

Enter a phone number into our geo lookup tool, and it will quickly return the geographic location, including state and city, using the latest data.

Yes, our phone geo lookup service is completely free to use. You can check as many numbers as you need without any cost.

Our results are highly accurate and up-to-date, leveraging the latest geographic data to provide reliable location information for phone numbers.

Currently, our phone geo lookup service supports numbers within the United States only. International support is not available at this time.

No, the person whose phone number you are looking up will not be notified. Our service is discreet and only provides information to the user making the inquiry.

You only need to enter the phone number you wish to look up. No additional personal information is required.

We regularly update our geographic data to ensure that our lookup results are as accurate and current as possible.

There is no limit to the number of geo lookups you can perform with our free tool. Feel free to use it as often as you need.

Yes, our phone geo lookup tool can identify the location of both landline and wireless numbers, providing comprehensive geographic information.